cannot access ../ccsfg.log - I can't even FIND it!

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cannot access ../ccsfg.log - I can't even FIND it!

 I've uploaded CCSFG_0.0.6 to the root directory of my server. When I try to access the setup directory, as instructed in the documentation, I get the "cannot access ../ccsfg.log" message in my browser.

I've looked in the forums and it says to change the folder permissions to read/write. I can't even FIND the folder ccsfg.log is in. Hell, I can't even find ccsfg.log file!!!

I'm a designer who has been asked to do a developer's job. I'm completely out of my element here. Can anyone help me - please be nice??!



ccsfg.log sits in the CCSFG_0.0.6/ folder, but will not be there until it is created when you initally log into the CCSFG Utility. It sounds like your application is having permissions issues creating the ccsfg.log file in the first place. I would check to make sure that you have full permission on the entire CCSFG folder.

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If I go to "get info" on the folder, it says I have read/write permission. So is the issue related to something on the server... not being able to read/write to the server? It is a secured server, by the way, but I can upload and download all day long. 


The file you are receiving the error for is an automatically generated file by the CCFSG script, it logs installation and configuration changes so you can go back and look over anything that happened with the app.  The script does need to have write permission in the folder it is installed in so that it can create and update this file.  If you server blocks this type of access, you would need to configure the folder/script to have the ability to read/write in that folder.  If you do not have the ability to do that, this script will not be able to work in that environment.

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