com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceFailed


Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceFailed

We released a Hot Fix late last night.  500 errors have dropped off to a very small amount, consistent with our normal volumes which are generally caused by very strange request payloads.  Also, we're now seeing 100% completion of jobs imported. 


Developers and customers should no longer be seeing jobs get partially completed, 500 errors on POST or any other strange behavior.  If you do see anything like this, please email us directly at with your request payload and account username so we can look into your specific issue. 


Thanks again for your patience while we did these upgrades and rewrites.  Our apologies for all of the inconveniences and outages which came about as a result of this.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceFailed

Error is still happening for me, I sent an email to webservices, activity id was a07e9bg4u81hv9bn4v6  

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Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceFailed

Elijah, I wanted to let you know that our team has been spot checking affected SyncApps accounts and they look fine now.  Please let us know if this is fully resolved on your side now as well.



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