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com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

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com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

When scheduling ImportContacts activitiy, some of my activities encounter the following error message:


com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException in ContactsAPIServiceImpl.processBadResponseEntity. User Data:


There is no other information given.


The error consistently applies to specific sets of contacts that I try to upload at a time. I've gotten the error with as few as 3 contacts in the bulk activity. For example, I submitted 5 Import Contacts bulk activities, 10s apart. Each had 3 distinct contacts. The first of the 5 gets the error, and the last of the 5 gets the error. The 3 in the middle have status COMPLETE.


The information I've submitting for each contact are the following fields:

1 Address with City, Line1, PostalCode, StateCode

1 EmailAddress that is valid (






No special characters. Only alphanumeric characters are present.


Yesterday, I submitted the same 5 sets of contacts in the same order, and the first and last completed, while the middle 3 were getting the error...


I decided to start a new thread on this since it was mentioned in another older and unrelated thread, and I haven't seen any official response, work-around, or explanation. I'm not the only person encountering this issue, though.


It is urgent that we get this resolved. We are trying to send out an email campaign, but because of this issue, none of our lists have contacts because our nightly task removed contacts from all lists before trying to add them. I've been running this nightly task for more than a year without any problem. This issue just showed up yesterday morning for us.

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Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

We are having the same issue, but it seems to be out of our hands.

Here is a response on this issue posted by a mod on 4/28. That might answer some of your questions. He does say in there that this problem won't be fixed for 2-4 weeks.


I also hope we get an update on this soon though, because we have quite a few contacts that simply can't be added until Constant Contact fixes their service.

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Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

I missed that particular post in that thread. I thought they were talking specifically about the other RovingServerException.


This is beyond frustrating. As a developer, I'm now taking heat over something I have no control over. Why not rollback the management system until you work the kinks out so that 100% of your customers are not affected...


Is it only the bulk activities that are receiving this issue? Can I update 1 contact at a time with the non-bulk activities? We have approximately 2800 contacts to update, so that process would take approximately 11-12 minutes.


It sounds like it's everything to do with contacts though.


I guess I'll work on dumping the contacts into a CSV file. The problem with the CSV file is that you have to upload 1 CSV file per list.


Here's a feature suggestion: When doing a bulk import activity, allow to specify which lists a contact belong to on the Contact itself, rather than making it specific to the Activity.


I'm pretty frustrated if you couldn't tell.


Thanks for the response...



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Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

As far as I know this issue is only related to Activities.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you are limited in the number of API calls you can make per day.

I can't remember the exact number you are limited to, but I know for us it isn't possible to add/update contacts without using bulk Activities because we hit that limit.

CTCT Employee

Re: com.roving.RovingServerException: Unexpected ContactServiceBadResponseException

Hi everyone,


I'm sorry for the frustration this issue has caused. We have been trying to resolve the underlying issues for some time, and will again in our software release one week from today. We are making changes to the bulk activities service that should stop the error from happening (and import contacts successfully).


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer