created a campaign through UI , how to get the campaign Id now ?


created a campaign through UI , how to get the campaign Id now ?

Hello all,


I am new to this. I created a campaign through UI. Now I want to send the emails through the API for which I'll need the campaign Id , obviously. But I can't figure out how will I get the campaign Id of the one I created using UI.


Any help would be appreciated..





Hello Rich,


If this is something that need sot be completely automated, then you may need some sort of naming convention when creating the campaigns that would allow you to identify them programmatically. In order to get the campaign ID, the best way is to make a request to the campaigns collection URI. If you are using our V2 API, you can specify only draft campaigns.


Here's the documentation on listing your campaigns:

V2 Doc

V1 Doc


Once you've got a list of campaigns, you can search that list for the name you want and that entry will include the campaign ID which can then be used for scheduling.


Let me know if you've got any more questions!



Elijah G.

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