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Hi guys, I'm trying to use deleteContactFromList() but it doesn't seem to work for me.  


Code sample!



//$active is an array of emails of, you guessed it, active users....
foreach($active as $a_email){ //find the contact... $tmp_cntct = $cc->getContactByEmail(ACCESS_TOKEN, $a_email); if(sizeof($tmp_cntct->results) === 0){ //add this contact to the active list...this code works just fine... $Contact = new Contact(); $Contact->addEmail($a_email); $Contact->addList($ref_active); //where $ref_active is my active list from C.C. $NewContact = $cc->addContact(ACCESS_TOKEN, $Contact); } else{ //user found, remove from non_active list $ctct = $tmp_cntct->results[0]; $cc->deleteContactFromList(ACCESS_TOKEN, $ctct, $ref_nonactive); //<-- Just doesn't work for me :( Help! //$ref_nonactive is a valid constant contact list, why wouldn't this do the job? $ctct->addList($ref_active); $cc->updateContact(ACCESS_TOKEN, $ctct, false); //working as well :/ } }



Any assistance would be great

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