getCampaign is returning a forbidden 403 code

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getCampaign is returning a forbidden 403 code

I have been trying to get the email content from each individual campaign to store in our database. I have the correct Access_token as I am using it to pull all the ids for all the campaigns. My id is also in int format. Here is some sample code below:


foreach ($newsletter_content_list as $newsletter){
$id = (int)$newsletter;
$content = $client->emailMarketingService->getCampaign(ACCESS_TOKEN,$id); $email_content = $content->email_content; $conn->query("INSERT INTO newsletters (newsletter_content) VALUES('".$email_content."')"); } $conn->close();

 The code always returns 


Ctct\Services\EmailMarketingService->getCampaign('b120d72f-9e3a-4...', 1110909623002)
#2 {main}
Forbidden (code 403)

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


Happy Holidays 




Sorry to hear about the trouble. I'd like to reporoduce the issue on my side so that I can see the error message body and troubleshoot. Would you mind emailing us at with the access token being used, along with a link to this post for reference?


Thanks in advance!


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I just sent you guys an email with the required information.

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