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list email domain restrictions?


list email domain restrictions?

Is there any way to restricted certain email domains from signing up to my list? For example, my list is for union members and we don't want the members using the job’s official email addresses - they must use a non-company email address (their private emails). No @fitnyc.edu or @exchange.fitnyc.edu addresses are allowed and I'd like to restrict that from the list level. We have JavaScript that restricts this from our homepage, but users who UPDATE their address later can use the update link as a back-door to this rule.




Hey Reuben,


Unfortunately we do not have any type of restrictions in place.  However you could always do a search in your active email addresses for the @domain.com and if anything comes up you can push them to their own list and send them a communication letter explaining that this is not a valid address for this newsletter and to please update their profile.  If you need help doing this please contact our support at 1.866.289.2101.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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