.../lists/do-not-mail/members - Error 500: Server Error


.../lists/do-not-mail/members - Error 500: Server Error

I've recently added a feature to my application that reads from the do-not-mail members list.  Though it's been occasionally throwing "Error 500: Server Error".   I can't seem to get any more detail about the error.  I've been using the same code for months to get other lists without a problem.  I've even reproduced the problem just calling


in a browser.  I've only tested against two accounts (production and dev).  I can only get the error on our production CC account but our dev account may not be a good test since the do-not-mail members list is empty.


I hate posting errors that happen occasionally but I'm just at a loss.  Is there a way to get more detail on the error or some way of trouble-shooting?


I looked in out logs to try to track down the 500 errors you're seeing, but I don't see anything logged over the past 7 days for the account you posted this question in.  All I found was 2XX/4XX responses, no 500s.  Any chance you can email our webservices support team an RCQ that can rerproduce the error message in a REST client or send me a private message with the actual URL that throws a 500 error so I can try it in my local browser and reproduce?  Our email address is webservices@constantcontact.com.  Thanks!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks for sending the information.  We have reproduced the error and it appears to be an unhandled exception in our code.  Product team is aware and looking at this.  No ETA on a fix, but this is not an issue with your code.  Will update as I have more information.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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