multiple customdomains - how to use?


multiple customdomains - how to use?

Hi!  We are a new customer, and we have 3 custom domains for our email campaigns.  How do we integrate these 3 domains into Constant Contact, so we can then choose from which domain to send each campaign?


Many thanks!


Mary Ellen Mathewson

Development Officer

The British School at Rome




Hi Mary,


With Constant Contact, we provide the ability to verify multiple email addresses on your account so that you can choose any of those verified addresses as your designated "from" address. For some additional information about that, you can check this knowledgebase article:


If you do have any additional questions on this I would definitely suggest taking a few minutes to call our support team at (866)-289-2101 so that they can assist you and help you to get up and running with Constant Contact!


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Thanks much, Elijah!


Mary Ellen

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