php-sdk: The query parameter email is not supported.

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php-sdk: The query parameter email is not supported.



I am using your php-sdk with Laravel 4.2. I followed the documentation and the code examples, but I'm getting the following error:


Error Getting Contact By Email Address

    [0] => stdClass Object
            [error_key] => query.param.invalid
            [error_message] => The query parameter email is not supported.


Here is the code:


use Ctct\ConstantContact;
use Ctct\Components\Contacts\Contact;
use Ctct\Components\Contacts\ContactList;
use Ctct\Components\Contacts\EmailAddress;
use Ctct\Exceptions\CtctException;

class NewsletterController extends \BaseController {

protected $key = '***...***';
protected $token = '***...***';
protected $list_id = '***...***';
protected $cc;

public function __construct()
$this->cc = new ConstantContact($this->key);

public function subscribe()
. . .

$action = "Getting Contact By Email Address";

try {
$response = $this->cc->contactService
->getContactsFromList($this->token, $this->list_id, ["email" => Input::get('email')]);


The problem is with the third param: ["email" => Input::get('email')] - but not sure why because it's as stated in the PHPDoc of the getContactsFromList method:


* Get all contacts from an individual list
* @param string $accessToken - Constant Contact OAuth2 access token
* @param string $listId - {@link ContactList} id to retrieve contacts for
* @param array $params - associative array of query parameters and values to append to the request.
* Allowed parameters include:
* limit - Specifies the number of results displayed per page of output, from 1 - 500, default = 50.
* modified_since - ISO-8601 formatted timestamp.
* next - the next link returned from a previous paginated call. May only be used by itself.
* email - full email address string to restrict results by
* status - a contact status to filter results by. Must be one of ACTIVE, OPTOUT, REMOVED, UNCONFIRMED.
* @return ResultSet
* @throws CtctException
public function getContactsFromList($accessToken, $listId, Array $params = array()) {


Do you know where is the problem and how can I solve it?





Hi Filip,

Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.


I see that you posted this as an issue on our SDK on Github. I wanted to let you know that I am looking into this for you, and we will respond on Github for this.


David B.
API Support Engineer

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Hello David,

Any updated on this?


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