problems with add contact

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problems with add contact

I'm trying to create a form in a website to where the users can add their email to my contact lists.
I'm using addContact.php and I edited the fields

$username = 'editing';
$apiKey = 'myapikey';
$consumerSecret = 'myconsumersecret';

for username, editing is the actual username for my constant contact email.
I added all the .php files required for it to work and when I run this in my website it says
Oauth: username editing not found in datastore . click here to authorize, and when I click to authorize it takes me to a 404 error

I logged in to the API through the api URI and it also takes me a to 404 error once I log in this way

username: myapikey%editing
password: mypassword

What am I doing wrong that I keep on getting the 404 error page instead of showing the lists in my email?

Any help appreciated,



We'd like to get a look at the files, to see if we can replicate this same issue on our end. Would you be able to ZIP the files up and email them to Please include any authentication information that you have already put into the file as well.


The URI "" does not specify a resource inside of the selected username. Since no resource is requested, a page isn't found. If you were to access a resource, like "/username/contacts" for example, and login using the credentials you used previously, the browser would return XML instead of a 404.

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I tried  "" and the api returned an XML file so that worked.

I just sent the files to the email 

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