"Forcibly" adding users


"Forcibly" adding users



I have a Joomla website for an organization of about 5000 members.  I can say with a fair amount of certainty that our membership and email situation is different than most organizations in that individuals do not either register for the website or sign up for email lists on their own.  Our organizastion is the conglomeration of 40 other sub-organizations so the sub-orgs send us their member information and we import, register and sign people up for anywhere between 0 and 10 email lists based on their membership and organizational responsibiltiy.  Members can, however, unsubscribe from any list any time they want to. 


So, my question is whether, using the Constant Contact PHP APIs can I register a user and sign him/her up to lists without verification by the user?  One way to look at it is, other than receiving emails that are obviously from Constant Contact, I want our users to have no concern over even knowing what CC is or having to visit a CC website (unless they want to unregister).


Also, is there a limit to the number of lists one member can sign up for? 






The API does allow for you to add a Contact using the action_by of ACTION_BY_OWNER which would suppress the welcome email.  It also allows you to update a Contact using the same action_by parameter which will suppress the update profile email. 


There are also no limits to the number of lists a subscriber can be on.  A caveat on this is that when a subscriber unsubscribes through Constant Contact, they remove themselves from all lists.  So, if you were attempting to manage the subscriptions of multiple organizations through a single account, you would quickly run into issues where a subscriber choses to remove themselves from a mailing from organization A, and then they would stop receiving mailings from all other organizations.


Our best practices and recommendation is always to have a single account per orgnization.  This limits exposure on unsubscribe issues, list corruption and other problems that can happen with running multiple organizations throuhg a single account.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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