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"error_message":"#/custom_fields/3/value: Value exceeds maximum length of 50."

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"error_message":"#/custom_fields/3/value: Value exceeds maximum length of 50."

I am adding contacts using the API Update method.  Each contact contains custom fields.  One of the custom fields contains descriptive text of variable length.  I am receiving the error ""error_message":"#/custom_fields/3/value: Value exceeds maximum length of 50." for text tttthat is exceeding 50 characters.  I thought I saw a previous incident that the custom field length had been extended to 255 characers.  I sthere a way to work around this issue?




While our current Contact Management platform does support custom fields with a length up to 255 characters, our API only supports custom fields with a limit of 50 characters each at this point. This is because our API still has limits from our older Contact Management platform. While I can't provide a timeframe for when we will have updated functionality, limits, and features, I can say we are working to get them out as quickly as we can.


The best way to work around this limitation is to update your contacts' custom fields via the Constant Contact website.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!


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Is there an update to this? It's still a problem. 

Hi @jab538,


We have not yet made an official announcement; however the contacts features of our v3 API have been released. You can access them at the below link.



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