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remove contact from all lists


remove contact from all lists

hi all


i update a contact with empty lists value , but the constnat contact change the status to REMOVED and its not show on contacts how can i remove contact from all list with ACTIVE status? im using php.


Hi Imann,


That's how our AP was designed. If a contact is removed from all lists, we change its status to REMOVED in the API, so that you don't get charged for a contact that's on no lists (and therefore, won't be mailed to until it gets added to a list).


You'd have to log into the account to do this. If you login to your account, search for a contact, and remove the lists from them, they will still be in ACTIVE status until you place them into removed status in the account. (There is a difference between the API and the functionality while logged in, in this respect. The API puts the contact into removed status when it's not on any lists; the UI makes you take an extra step to put them into removed status.)


Sorry for any confusion!


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

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