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sage mas 200


sage mas 200

Does anyone know if there is a way to create another feild in mas 200 for approved email adress that will then link to constant contact? Basically I am looking to add an API field that will automatically add into constant contact when added to mas 200. Thanks for any help.




I did a bit of digging around on this and wasn't able to find a great deal of helpful information. In this case it depends a great deal on the CRM (Sage) and the specific integration that you're using to integrate with Constant Contact. Our system allows for a contact to have custom data associated, and integrated applications also have the ability to put data into those custom fields.


However, it is still required that your CRM allows you to create your extra field, and that your integration will allow that field to be mapped. Do you have an existing integration between Sage Mas 200 and Constant Contact?



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