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setting status on contact import


setting status on contact import

Hello all!

I'm developing in ASP classic (vbscript) and my client has a constant contact account with a master list in it.

I have this code which inserts the user into the constant contact list:

            Set objConstantContact = New ConstantContact

            objConstantContact.CCAction = "Add"

            objConstantContact.CCMailingList = "List_Name"  '''' list name being the list created by the client that this code populates

            objConstantContact.CCEmailAddress = Request("Email")

            strCCResult = objConstantContact.CCSubmitRequest()

            Set objConstantContact = Nothing


This works beautifully... but I'd like it to work BETTER.

In their constant contact account, they have a list that shows all users (The one i refer to in code as "List_Name"). And one column in that list is "Status" (meaning, in this case, whether they're full members, pending members, etc)

Whenever a new contact goes into this list, they all are automatically given a status of "Approved." This is not preferable. I would like them to receive the status of "Awaiting Confirmation"

I haven't been able to find any syntax examples of how to do that. Is this something that would be done on the constant contact end or is there a way to specify the insert's status in the above block of code?

this might be very simple.. but again, as i'm a constant contact newb, i might tend to ask questions that are very simple.

Thanks and merry christmas!




I hope I am understanding your question correctly, if not please let me know.

The 'Awaiting Confirmation' status  is an effect of turning the on the "Confirmed Opt-In" option on in your account. You can do this by clicking on the "My Settings" tab, followed by the "Confirmed Opt-In" link on the right hand side. You can find more information about Confirmed Opt-In in this FAQ.


Another thing worth noting is that if you have Confirmed Opt-In turned to "ON", in order for contacts to be set to the "Awaiting Confirmation" status they would need to be added using the "ACTION_BY_CONTACT" Opt-In Source. Using "ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER" would set them to active and bypass the "Awaiting Confirmation" status altogether.


I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this.

David J

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