simple_form 401


simple_form 401

When I run the simple_form example with debugging turned on, and I inspect the CC_ContactObject, I get an unauthorized error.

The username and password returned are the same as I am currently logged in with typing this. The apikey is what I got from the request form.


Please advise on the following output:


The requested URL returned error: 401


CC_Contact Object (

[login] => luxurydaily

[password] => xxxxx

[apikey] => xxxxx

[contact_lists] => Array ( )

[force_lists] =>

[show_contact_lists] => 1


[curl_debug] => 1

[requestLogin] => xxxxx %luxurydaily:xxxx

[lastError] => An Error Occurred

[apiPath] => [doNotIncludeLists] =>

Array (

[0] => Removed

[1] => Do Not Mail

[2] => Active ) )


Hey Mickey,


Where there any spaces in the apikey by any chance?  Send me an email to with the actual code so I can try to troubleshoot this.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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