triggering a welcome or double opt email with api?


triggering a welcome or double opt email with api?

Hello, I have implamented a simple subsciption form through the API on my client's site, the form submits

to simple_form.php where the subscriber chooses the list(s) he/she would like to join and then confirms the pre-populated subscriber info and submits, it's pretty straight forward, we have all our CC lists set to double opt in, but it seems that when a subscriber is added via the API form there is no welcome or double opt-in email sent, is there any way to fix this? My client wants the welcome or double opt in email sent to new list subscribers.


Thanks for any insights,


Ron M.


Whether or not a contact recieves the welcome email or confirmed opt-in email is determined by the <OptInSource> node used for each particular contact. The two possible values for this field are:


ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER - This is for internal applications, and is the OptInSource used when the site owner adds a contact from inside their account. This will not trigger a welcome or confirmation email being sent when a contact is added with this OptInSource, and is the default OptInSource used in the PHP sample.


ACTION_BY_CONTACT - This is the OptInSource for site visitors, and should be used for web sign-up forms. This will trigger the welcome and confirmation emails to be sent to the email address that signed up.


If you are using our PHP Sample, there is an easy way to change this. Open cc_class.php and change line 24 from:


 var $actionBy = 'ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER';




 var $actionBy = 'ACTION_BY_CONTACT';



David J


Our users are not receiving welcome emails, even though we have set the opt-in source to "action by contact." We are using the .NET API on a custom signup page. Are there any other reasons that the welcome email would not be sent?




If the Opt in source is set as "Action by Contact", the most likely reason is that the welcome email may have an error in it, causing it to error and not go out.


The best way for us to troubleshoot this further would be for you to send us an email with your user name and we can take a look at your account.

Please send the email to the webservices support team.

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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