using version 1 api Not able to retrive more than 50 contacts from Do Not Mail list

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using version 1 api Not able to retrive more than 50 contacts from Do Not Mail list

to gel list members I am using 

Utility.getListMembers(p_contactLists.Link, authenticationData, out nextChunk)

but for Do Not Mail list its  giving same nextchunk value if members are more than 50 

so its going into infinite loop



We recently opened up a bug on our side where some of the pagination on the version 1 API is currently getting stuck in a loop when doing next links.  This was inadvertantly caused by a change in time stamps in our contact database to only return milleseconds instead of microseconds for the modified time (which is what is used to create the next hash).  We are updating the code to account for this change so that the next link hash is unique even if the timestamps are identical.


Apologies for the inconvenience here, we are working to get it fixed quickly.  We're hoping to get this in our next release.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

thanks for reply.

what is expected date of release?

Waiting on an update from the developer we have working on this problem.  Once I have that, can get you a better estimate on a release date. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you Dave. This is delaying our implementation. So please let me know as soon as you know.

I did want to mention, this is not a problem with the v2 JSON API, only with the v1 XML API.  We are working to fix this, but these are older technologies that sometimes take longer to fix. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you Dave. We are aware that V2 APIs are more robust than V1. Our reason for delaying conversion to V2 is the newness of V2 whose full release was announced on 4/1/2013, Among reported problems since then are...








I realize the irony in the fact that here we are reporting problems still in V1. I'm just letting you know that as a general rule our installation believes that it is prudent to wait for a reasonable period of time (no definition of reasonable provided) before converting to newer software.


I also understand and appreciate the situation from your side. Every resource you throw into supporting old software is resource that is not available for the new software. I do get it.


Thanks again. We await your update letting us know the fix is ready.

Wanted to get you a quick update.  We are testing a fix for this today and if all goes as planned, will be deploying it on our next weekly release which is scheduled for next Friday (8/30) morning EST.  Will be pushing out release notes early next week to confirm if this is fixed and to confirm the release date.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Is there an update on the progress of this fix?

We released a fix for this issue on 8/30, this should be resolved.  We also listed this in our release notes to indicate the problem and when we fixed it.  You can always follow along with what we're releasing and our changes on our tech blog here:

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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As of 20 Dec 2013 we are stll seeing this behavior in retrieving the Do Not Mail list. Several page are retreived OK and the nthe next URI link repeats and repeats and repeats.


Can you please re-investigate this?




Thanks for updating on this one.  We did get a couple of reports of this just before the New Years.  Our dev team did find the cause, got a fix coded and tested and we are planning on releasing the fix to production on Friday, Jan. 10th.  Will update in our release notes to confirm this does go out, which you can read on our TechBlog here:


Thanks again for reporting what you saw and your patience while we fixed it.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

I can't get V1 API getListMembers C# wrapper to retrieve more than 50. We actually have two accounts. Our test account uses the new interface and our production account uses the old one. When I test this in production (old interface), each next chunk is the same as the previous. When I test this in the test account (new interface), I get a null next chunk after the first API call. I downloaded the fix for this in September, but it didn't fix. Is there a more recent fix? 

By the way, I forgot to ask you to please let me know what the URL is for downloading the V1 C# API wrappers. So please answer this question after letting me know when the fix for getListMembers becomes available.

We did release a fix for this in our early January release.  I confirmed this fix is in a production account and it is working as intended.  If you are still seeing this broken, we would need you to send us specific examples of this through our API support email team. 


The C# wrapper for v1 is still available through the Constant Contact Github repo:  It is marked as deprecated as we are no longer adding any additional features to the v1 API and it will no longer be updated with anything except for defect fixes. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Dave, I downloaded the Api v1 that is at It is dated 4/29/2013. There is noting out there from January. Please explain.

Defect was on server side code, we were passing back a bad next link in the payloads.  Issue was not in the wrapper libraries, they were doing the correct thing just using invalid data that we were returning. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

The server is still returning null for NextChunk on return of first call to API GetListMembers for a list with over 2000 members.


Code fragment:



 link = theList.Link;

                    moreMembers =

Utility.getListMembers(link, authdata, out nextChunkId);


foreach (Contact cn in moreMembers)



Verified that there are 50 (of 2,886 members) contacts in theList after the API call but nextChunkId is null.


Please help.

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