v1 API Do Not Reply list pagination problem


v1 API Do Not Reply list pagination problem



We are retieving the Do Not Reply list for a user via the v1 API. We are paginating through the list OK until we reach about 550 contacts at which point we the following response


Error 404: Request URI includes invalid paging query: next=hs76ro60-0-2115612510


Is this a bug?



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Re: v1 API Do Not Reply list pagination problem



It is likely that what you are seeing is an error. I have only seen one other report of this issue, so it would be a great help if you can email us at webservtices@constantcontact.com with any information that you can. Here are some specifics that will help greatly:

  • Username of affected Constant Contact account
  • Date/Time that the error occurred
  • Name of the affected email campaign
  • Name of any other affected email campaigns

We currently have our team investigating this issue so that we will be able to work towards a resolution. If you have any questions, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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