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v3 API oAuth


v3 API oAuth

Hi There,


I am trying to use the V3 API with our database.  However, it seems like in order to get an access token I need to log in manually.  Is there a way to get an access token without requiring a login.  


I want to use a script to sync our database with your database so a manual login won't work.  I current get data using V2 APIs and populate our data with statistics.  But the V3 API is much better.  


Any help you can provide would be appreciated if you could provide me with an example that would be great too.


Thanks in advance



Hello @ScottJ720,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


You most likely used our API Tester page to generate your Access Token with our v2 API. When using our v3 API we are trying to be more security focused and so we are not displaying the Access Token on our API tester page, and they expire quicker.


You will need to go through the oAuth flow to generate your Access Token. You can automate this and after the initial login to allow access to the Constant Contact account there is no further interaction required.

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