white label resell program


white label resell program

I have a marketing system currently that provides websites, coupons and we do our own email marketing inside the CMS.  We use a CMS to create email campaigns, managing contact lists and in scheduling. Amongst other things.


For simplicity, lets say my email marketing module is flawed and I am not willing to invest in fixing it. So I am looking for some level of replacement email marketing.

I am curious as to what level of integration CTCT will do in replacing my email marketing module.


Ideally, I would like to maintain our email template creation tools and then hand these off to you for delivery through your system, not mine.  


If this is not possible, my second option would be to plug your email marketing module into my CMS/dashboard for email marketing tasks.


Of course, a white label version, or a co-branded label, would be ideal.

I am very new to what API's can actually do. I appreciate your guidance.


Thanks you



Hey Al,


Depending what CMS system you are currently using there may already be a tool to help what you with what you are doing.  Otherwise our API would allow you to do everything you would want to do depending what you are using the scheduling for and who is going to be using the scheduling as a whole.  You can request to have scheduling enabled on an API key at webservices@constantcontact.com.  The documentation for the API you can find on this site listed here


Please let me know this helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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