why does my preview, email sent and web view all look different?


why does my preview, email sent and web view all look different?

The view I see when creating an email does not stay constant with the preview and the web page view looks more like what I originally designed.  Is it possible there is a flaw in my account?  Is this a problem for everyone.  


I am frustrated that I design something that looks how I want and then when the email is sent out the formatting has changed.  


Please help.



Hello Sheri,


There can sometimes be issues with emails not displaying properly when they are sent out and received with an email client(Outlook/gmail for example). This is often due to the email client interpreting the HTML code differently than the web browser it was originally designed in. If you are able to contact our general support team, we will be able to help you address some of these issues so that your email will appear closer to how you have designed it.


You can contact our support team by email at support@constantcontact.com, by phone at (866)-289-2101, or on the community boards here: http://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Email-Marketing/bd-p/products


This specific section of the community pages is focused around developers making use of our APIs. If you do have any API or development specific questions, please feel free to reply to this post and I will be happy to assist you!



Elijah G.

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