Contact List Resource


Obtaining Number of Contacts in a List


You can now obtain the number of contacts in a list.  Please look for <ContactCount> tag in both the ContactList collection and resource. The system contact lists, such as Removed, Active or Do-Not-Mail, do not return the number of contacts at the moment.


Clearing All Contacts From a List


To clear all contacts from a list, you need to create a bulk activity to do.  Please refer to the bulk activity documentation for more details.


Deleting a List


A Contact List is deleted by issuing an HTTP DELETE to the entry's URI. The call will return 204 No Content if it succeeds.


Contact List Data Format



NameAllowed valuesDescription
OptInDefault true, false If true, Contacts who sign-up or change their settings may add themselves to this list.
Name string(255) The list name.
ShortName read-only string System-calculated display name for the list for use where space is limited.
SortOrder integer Relative position of this Contact List in the full set of Contact Lists. This parameter is used when a group of Contact Lists are presented in a UI such as the Site Visitor SignUp. The values are arbitrary relative values. A List with SortOrder=25 will be shown after a List with Sort Order 15.
DisplayOnSignup read-only string Determines whether the list should be available for signup. When constructing a list management program, developers should check this value. If 'Yes', then the list can be displayed and made available for contacts to sign up. If 'No', do not display the list, as it has been flagged to disallow signup (that it, the list should be considered closed or private). For lists created via the API, this field cannot be set, and such lists will be created with a default value of 'No'.
ContactCount read-only integer Displays the number of contacts currently on the list.