Images Overview

by Administrator on ‎03-25-2011 04:07 PM

Each Constant Contact account allows you to upload and store images to be used in different email campaigns.  We now allow the developers use our APIs to upload and manage images as well as folders to which they belong.  At the moment, we do not support images in "My Stock Images" folder. 


Please note that APIs for image hosting have been implemented with different format from our previous APIs.  For example, if you are familiar with our APIs, you will note that all Atom-related elements are now prefixed with "atom:" as in <atom:content> instead of <content> as used in other APIs.  This is the new standard we will be following for all future APIs unless they are tied to previously released ones.

For all image related APIs, you now must specify "accept" header in your API call in addition to "content-type" header that is required for other APIs.  Both headers now must be passed in as part of the request and their values must be set to application/atom+xml.


For more on working with the Image and Folder APIs, click on the following links: 

Managing Images
Folder Collection

Image Collection