A/B Test of Designs

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Subject lines are important, but since it is not a valid test unless only one thing is changed, your A/B subject line test isn't enough if I wish to test designs or different copy. Perhaps there is no way for CC to help me make that happen, but I wish there were a way to set up two designs and give the list I want divided into two randomly selected lists so that I did not have to do that on my own. Thanks for the listen!

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I wanted to do an A/B test, basically flipping the Subject line with the Preheader as that's usually the next best text to use and test, yet one of them then will have the Subject and Preheader the same seeing as you can't adjust, basically redundant and will look like a mistake to some. (and have the preheader show in final review as others have already suggested.) Thanks

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Hi @HeleneR1 what steps would you expect to take to add your preheader to his a/b testing? 

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Hi @SusanC3074 being able to determine an A/B winner based on other other variables like your email content is a great feature request. I've opened this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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One usually uses the valuable Preheader space, therefore, a real life a/b test should allow the preheader to be tested along with the subject line, not subject line alone. 

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