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ANCHOR LINKS!! we want them back!

ANCHOR LINKS!! we want them back!

There have been many, MANY comments and questions regarding the return of Anchor Links. Using the 3rd gen editor we have no way of creating anchor links adn I for one am hugely disappointed!! This is something I used in EVERY email newsletter in the past and suddenly CC has decided for me that I no longer need them.


I have a lower click rate due to this change, many readers scan the top section and only click on what pertains to them or they find important - and without the anchor links directing them down the newsletter to that specific section, they don't generally bother to scroll, scroll down to find it.


PLEASE, PLEASE bring back a simple Anchor Link we can use in a table of contents at the top of an email/newsletter.


I hope for a quick response - you guys have had months and months to design the needed option.




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AGREE!! Please bring back anchor links - I can't use the new campaigns for our newsletters without the anchor feature. The emails are too long to not give people the option to jump to various sections.

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Agree - it's strange that an email marketing software company of this size doesn't allow for a table of contents, html editors, or ability to add anchors. Even stranger when their competitors DO offer this support: 

Agree! That is (dare I say was?) a VERY useful tool Miss it!! Please bring it back!

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Let me add my name to those who want anchor links back. We have a very long weekly newsletter and many of our members do not see important information because they have no time to waste scrolling through it to find what might be pertinent to them.

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Hey @SequoiaPFC, thanks for your feedback as well as everyone else that's posted in here. With the current state of email clients, the majority of them actually don't support anchor links. Apple's iOS email client, Yahoo!, as well as Android don't support anchor links. Due to these email clients holding more than half of the market share in email clients, adding anchor links into campaigns would cause a very inconsistent experience for the majority of recipients. In order to find a solution to this, we've created the "Read More" block in the 3GE editor which allows you to post a quick snippet of content and then link to the website that contains the full article. This also helps get the recipients more engaged and allows them to see the content that they are interested in. You can find more information regarding this block here



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Totally agree! Sounds like the majority of CC customers need this anchor feature back. I am included! I searched for the create anchor link and it was no longer available, then I found the sea of complaints that they did away with it. This really needs to be a feature in the new editor. I have more computer than mobile device users and need this function. It should still be an option for CC customers. If I start getting complaints from my users then I can switch to the read more button and creating a separate web page for articles. 

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This is ridiculous - CC: we get it, you guys feel that mobile users wont benefit from anchor links. But can we be any more clear that 1) we want to stay with Constant Contact but 2) you're not giving us one of the basic tools we need!! and 3) other companies (specifically Mail Chimp) ARE! I wonder how terrible difficult it would be to reintegrate the Anchor Links - they used to exist, so optimize them for the newest editor and make a segment of your clientele HAPPY!


TO BE CLEAR: the majority of my end users check their email at work - they use the Anchor Links on their computers. And for those who don't - oh well! They have to scroll. But my click rate would go up substantially if they could simply chose the table of content items that apply to them.


For the record, Mail Chimp makes it **bleep** easy to switch over to them. I know, because I'm in the process now. There's literally a section on How to Move to MC from Constant Contact. I'd rather stay with CC and not learn a new UI, but hell, if it get's me the full range of optimization for my campaign I can figure it out!

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I would like to also add my name to those wanting the anchor link. While many features of the newest editor are improvements, we have been hobbled in others such as this anchor link, ability to adjust padding between images, inability to add borders, inability to easily replace a document....and so on. But this is about the anchor link. Please bring it back.