I have been having major issues with Constant Contacts tendency to auto format my text in campaign emails. Many times I will type out my text and set the font and size to what I like. When I then make part of that text a hyperlink it reverts ALL of the text back to Courier. I then change my text back to the font I wanted as well as the size, sometimes it lets me sometimes I click the button and nothing happens. Many times I've gone through this entire process then when I save it reverts back to courier in a tiny font size. I've been working on one block for 40 minutes now and everytime I do something it automatically reverts back. Starting to get very fed up with this program....

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Hi @PaulaM8,


Thank you for the feedback and letting us know about the issues you're experiencing while working on your e-mails. So that we can best help, can you please let us know if these issues happen when you create a new email, starting from the orange "Create" button on the "Campaigns" page? Or do you find that you most often experience them when copying a previous email?

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I have the same issue. I also sometimes have to apply and reapply the hyperlink, because a whole line automatically becomes hyperlinked and reformatted (in the preview and then ultimately in the draft when I click back), even when I only applied the link to select words. Very frustrating and time-consuming.

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