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Our company has a specific font that we use for all of our communications (Rotis Sans Serif Std) and it's disappointing that we're not able to use this in constant contact. So many other things are able to be customized, but the preset fonts available will not work for us.

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We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to include more fonts in the editor or also for the upload of custom fonts but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


Since the original post, custom font sizes are available in our cross-device editor

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback @KenS635,


Currently we limit the availability of our fonts to use ones that are typically safe to use on the web.  When your email is sent, depending on what email client or site your recipient opens the email in, they may not be able to view specialized fonts.  As a result your email may look distorted or do some funky things if your recipient can't view that font.


We do appreciate the feedback, and I'm opening your feedback up for voting


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I really think that it should be up to the customer to decide which font to choose, even if it isn't "web safe". You can have a notification explaining the potential issue, but restricting us this way can really alienate companies with more strict brand guidelines. 


Please allow custom font sizes rather than just the standard options

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Main Heading (Franklin Gothic Heavy)

Main Heading (Arial Black)


In 2G we were able to change the title font  as large as we needed. In 3G you can only go to 48. In our business which is real estate this does not stand out. We need at lease 72 size font. Please look at higher font size options. 


Thank you, 
Dorothy Sowder, Executive Adminsitrator

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In my newsletters, I like to use different fonts for headings and body, missing serif and sans serif fonts. In the new templates, you can only change the color, not the font choice or size. Please add the customization option.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @LonnieT43 are you looking to select multiple fonts in the global text styles of your email campaign? Does styling your specific text in the block itself help fit these needs?


My account was switched to the new editor format which may be great, but we are unable to use it. Our company requires the open sans font and this isn't currently included in the new editor. Can we please get this font added to the new editor soon! 


It would be good to be able to choose which alternate font will be displayed to users if our brand font is not available. 


It would wonderful if the Constant Contact team was able to put together some new features and design tools for emails. I had a couple ideas for design tools that would allow Constant Contact users to be more creative and create beautiful emails.


  • Gradients. Personally, I would see myself using a gradient for the inner background and text backgrounds, but I'm sure there could be countless ways to customize emails with the use of gradients. The single color is limiting and eventually emails start to look the same. A gradient option could help us stand out in the inbox.
  • Shadows. Being able to put a shadow on a text box, behind a logo, etc. would make a huge difference. I would absolutely love this little addition.


I'm not sure how much technical work it would take to add these features, but they would make designing emails much more exciting for me personally. Perhaps its my lack of creativity right now, but the emails I've been creating lately have started to all look the same.


I need more choices for font sized - please give options between 28-36!


I agree. atleast having more google fonts available would be great. I wish we could customize the weight of the font and the kerning "spacing between the letters". Constant contact is just behind on the design tool editing aspect.


Agreed on more font choices and the ability to choose font hierarchy. Many of the font options currently available aren't even supported across the board in every email client and will default to something else. It would be nice if we had some flexibility in choosing what it ultimately ends up as.


And of course, the fact that we still can't insert any custom size of our choosing continues to be a huge failing on Constant Contact's part.

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I'm wondering if CC would consider adding more font sizes to the email editor, specifically 15pt, and maybe 13pt as well. Most of the time in my emails, 14 seems too small and 16 is too large. Would love to have an in-between if possible. Thanks! 


Bodoni Moda Italic

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I really do not want to have to create a whole new template to utilize the latest generation email editor, but I did notice that the newest one has font sizes in increments of “ones” instead of jumping by “twos” such as from size 14 to 16. Could that be changed in the older generation editor?? Thanks!!

I would like to have Montserrat in constant contact too- as this is our brand font. 


Yes, it is a big disadvantage that we can't use our custom font. Our communication department really wants us to use this and I am afraid they will make us stop using Constant Contact because of this. I hope this feature changes soon. 


I would love to be able to use our company's fonts to enable our communications to be on brand.

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