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Ability to edit HTML - Deal Breaker :(

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Ability to edit HTML - Deal Breaker :(

I just wanted to post that I was deciding between Constant Contact & Mailchimp and I ALMOST went with you guys. Your user experience is SO much easier in my opinion, I've heard your support is great. I was creating an email within 5 minutes of signing up. Mailchimp felt very clunky.

But I just discovered that you cannot edit HTML in Constant Contacts unless you import an entire HTML code for a new email. I can't edit from templates. I am not a master coder but I know a little about coding - enough to make small adjustments needed. This is a deal breaker.

I'm bummed because I love your system so much better. :frown:

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Hi @AllisonS143. I'm sorry to hear this. Do you mind me asking what adjustments you were looking to do in HTML that wasn't attainable in the editor?