Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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Looks like the new editor is pretty bad. Not only do I lose all of my previous email campaigns ability to copy them, but can't see the html custom code I had built for my brand. I will definitely be leaving CC after this fiasco.

The new drag and drop builder needs the ability to adjust HTML or, at the very least, the ability to insert a custom HTML block.  Drag and drop is great for speeding up email creation, but there are inevitably elements that need customization beyond what is capable with drag and drop.

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Just looked at the Product Updates for October 2020 hoping and praying that HTML editing or a Content Library capability has been added to the Email Editor.  Unfortunately not.  Creating new emails with the Legacy Editor has been disabled this month and the most important capability - REUSING CONTENT BETWEEN EMAILS - is still not available.  It's been FIVE YEARS,  Constant Contact!  How could there be any doubt that this is an essential and critical function for your customers?

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I was told that CC is basically phasing out your legacy Campaign editor. We are a long-time Customer of CC and have hundreds of Campaigns created in the legacy editor. We have continued to use CC because of the old editor's ability to tweak the eBlast using HTML code, which the "new and improved" editor does not allow. The workaround provided was to re-engineer our Campaigns each time we want to create another one! This is unacceptable, has a huge impact on our business and consequently, will be looking for other products that better meet our needs. I think the Company's decisions regarding this are shortsighted, as not all Customers simply want to drag and drop widgets when creating Campaigns.
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