Ability to edit embedded links after email has been sent

Ability to edit embedded links after email has been sent

Hello.  I recently sent an email with the wrong embedded link in my newsletter.  I was told I could not make a change to the distributed newsletter/email; however I could send a new email to my subscribers with the new link. 


This solution does not work as the content was exactly the same, just the wrong url was hyperlinked to a word.  My hope was CC would allow me to edit the sent email to update the link without having to resend a newsletter. 


This functionality would be similar to updating a link on a web page but being allowed to keep the same title and same page. Since my email had 'Having trouble viewing this email? Click here' feature, people who receive the email would click the 'click here' and get the newly corrected link.

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Constant Contact staff: Might be worth noting that your competitors are offering this functionality. We use Informz as well as CC, and they provide a way to change a link in a sent mailing.


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I sent out an email and realized after the fact that a few of the links were re-directing to the wrong webpage. Would have been SUPER helpful if I could have gone back in and edit those. Not finding an easy way to do that?
For example, I know other platforms have allowed for edits once a campaign has been sent out. It maintains almost a "live" setting where you can make changes if needed.
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I suspect if we want control over the archive copy of our email, we would need to host it on our websites, instead of CC's. An added advantage would be adding in your site's header and navigation so it would be another way to draw people to the site.

I had the same issue! It would have been REALLY nice to be able to edit the links within the sent emails. I hate that I had to send out an additional email to our employees saying - oops...here are the right links. UGH!

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The ability to correct an incorrect link would be beneficial.


Bumping this - would be a great feature

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Absolutely need this feature. I though it was there in the past but can no longer find it.