Ability to edit embedded links after email has been sent

Hello.  I recently sent an email with the wrong embedded link in my newsletter.  I was told I could not make a change to the distributed newsletter/email; however I could send a new email to my subscribers with the new link. 


This solution does not work as the content was exactly the same, just the wrong url was hyperlinked to a word.  My hope was CC would allow me to edit the sent email to update the link without having to resend a newsletter. 


This functionality would be similar to updating a link on a web page but being allowed to keep the same title and same page. Since my email had 'Having trouble viewing this email? Click here' feature, people who receive the email would click the 'click here' and get the newly corrected link.


Not edited through a link.  So if you were to post your Newsletter link on FB, then later need to make an edit, go back to Constant Contact to that Newlsetter and still be able to edit it.  Then when the link is clicked again, it has the new updated info... (Smore Newsletters work like this).  Once they are published you are still able to make live edits.  (I understand that emailing is kind of a different deal).


Hi @VirtualS4 thank you for clarifying this request! We have added your post into a larger thread on this type of feature request.


Desperately needed feature. Hours of work done and one error ruins it all. Given, one human error... but a fix option would be greatly appreciated.

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I would love this functionality as well. Since each link that is clicked in a constant contact email is a constant contact link that redirects to the original link inserted(for tracking purposes), I would assume this is a possibility to implement.


I wish this can be done  too 🙏

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I need to edit a link in an email sent out yesterday. Looks like the capability doesn't exist. Seems like over services have that capability. Constant Contact users need that capability too. Thank you.

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