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I would like to be able to edit the content of a campaign after it has been sent, without having to copy it into a new campaign. Unfortunately, sometimes corrections are needed and this would be a tremendous feature and service. It would allow corrections to be made before posting the content in other formats (social media, websites, etc). I would even take it a step further suggesting that once an edit is made to an original campaign, that it updates automatically to all who received it in the email list. This is certainly a possibility as other vendors do provide it. I have created content with Adobe Spark, which allows for edits to the original campaign and automatically updates for all receivers. Thank you.

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Is ther any way to edit a campaign that has already been sent out?
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@AnaD841 Thank you for the question.  There is not a way to edit an already sent campaign you would need to make a copy of the sent campaign and then make the edits you need to.

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It would be helpful if there was an opportunity to correct grammar/text issues to non openers without copying correcting, then resending to the entire group. I know GetResponse has this functionality.

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