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Hi appreciate the new changes however from the My Campaigns page when you click on the thumbnail to preview your email we use to be able to see the subject line and the email in it's entirety now you cannot. Also, I wasn't aware of a the new format where the subject line is pre-populated for themes nor the pre-populated preheader. While I get the use of it, if you are not quick to catch (like I did) I sent something out to my clients that I did not want them to see. Perhaps you can change those fields so that instead have Field Instructions: Optional instructions that help the user fill in the field but not fill in the field for the customer. Also can you bring back the subject line in the preview that way you can catch any errors on the subject line. Thanks

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@SYMCNY  Thank you for the feedback this is a great idea. I have passed your request on to the product team. The functionality exists in any campaign created in the previous editor and would be useful to have included in the current editor.   Thank you again.

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Very important to bring the subject line back. Sometimes when writing reports on our campaigns, I call attention to specific ones that have interesting data, but I can't quickly see in the list of reports what the subject lines were. Very time consuming to have to keep clicking and clicking to get the info you need. Way more used to be offered on a single screen.
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At some point after a previous update, the Subject line and header info (From:, Reply To:) were removed from the email "Preview" screen. PLEASE add this information back.  I don't always remember if I changed my subject line from the default and have been sending test messages without changing it because it's no longer visible in the preview screen (which acts as a reminder to change it before sending).

Thank you.

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 Hey @Marisa_M, thanks for sharing this feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting so we can get additional input from other users. Make sure to "KUDO" this idea if you agree!

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Thanks Chris. I tried to "KUDO" the idea but am unable to do so. I suppose because it's my own idea? Just wanted to let you know.


Hey @Marisa_M, that is correct. The original creator of a post wouldn't be able to Kudo it, however, users that see the post and agree with it are able to do so. 


Why is the From and Subject line missing from the new Preview update?  As of today's update, that information is no longer in the preview pane.  We send 7 emails a day for various clients.  We use the custom code option in creating emails.  When scheduling emails, we used to click Preview to double check that the From has been changed to the clients name and that the Subject Line has had the word DRAFT removed.  At the end of the day, we double check what is scheduled for the next day to assure all emails are scheduled for the correct date & time with the correct From and Subject. To do this we would look at the list of scheduled emails, then click on the preview thumbnail for each.  Now we have to actually "edit" the email to double check that everything is correct.  Again, WHY did you remove the From and subject information from the preview pane?  Now, if you were to add the From and Subject Line to the Campaign list view text, along with the scheduled time, once scheduled (SCHEDULED Custom Code Email; Scheduled for May 3, 2019 1:00pm; From... Subject...), that would be even more helpful and efficient, we would simply look at the list text to assure everything is scheduled correctly.  And as mentioned in previous posts, it would be great if when viewing the list of scheduled emails we could sort by scheduled date/time, as they are not modified in the order in which they are going to be sent.


Wow, this update just rolled out to us today, I see many have had to deal with this for several months now.  This update stinks.  For some reason CC likes to break things when trying to fix things...

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The new layout causes additional steps if you want to double check the from and subject line info - the new proof only allows you to view the body of the email, not the from or subject line info so you don't get a complete proof. Second, the new window to input email addresses for the proof does not recall past emails so you have to input all emails repeatedly if you send to the same people constantly - takes a lot of time typing them in or cut and paste. Is there anyway to include the complete proof with subject line/from line and have the email window with auto populate for past email addresses?
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Hello @NatalieT654

Thanks for submitting feedback to us. I want to make sure I completely understand your request. Are you referring to the screen for previewing your email campaigns? 

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I agree that this is an issue - not showing the subject line means that I can't do any last-minute checks, and if I want to see what subject line an old email had, I have to send a test version to myself. It would be more usable if the subject line and "from" fields appeared in the campaign preview screen.

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Unfortunately it's a pretty common issue with CTCT they always seem to take one tiny step forward and 2 giant steps back. Sometimes they skip the tiny step. They also really don't care about power users.

I just reviewed the preview window (on new/current campaigns - see my previous message on old campaigns) and I notice their is no preview of the subject line. This is a little unbelievable I'm pointing this 'subject line stuff' out this far into your business.
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You'd think this would be a simple interface edit - add {field} to the preview screen, Not sure why it's taking so long to do and why we need to vote on it... It just makes sense and was there before it got taken away! PLEASE add this back, Constant Contact!! 


You have some issues. One of which is when you are away and the page times out and the popup says "are you still working?" Clicking on that still let's you edit but NEVER saves those changes unless you login again. Any work you do is always wasted time and it makes it too easy to think you did something but in actuality it did not "take".


If you click on "Are You Still Working?" you need to consider making people log in every time. This has cause me confusion several times thinking changes were made that later don't show.


Mostly that's OK as I catch them in the preview - but the Preview does NOT SHOW THE SUBJECT LINE - your software developers can easily fix this - this has embarrassed me twice now. Maybe that's my fault but you could improve your product by making sure EVERY ASPECT of the email is shown in the Preview so this never happens.


Don Campbell

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