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Ability to transfer a campaign from one CC account to another simply.

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For years now, CC has yet to implement the ability to copy a campaign from one account to another. Its ridiculous.  You charge $49 per transfer and for the last 3 orders, although ok and approval was given, the team waits a week and a half to then send another work order requiring another consent.    From this re "approval" it then takes another 4 days. From front to back, transferring campaigns has taken close to 2 weeks.  Meanwhile, repeated calls and chat with support who has to get oriented and waste yet more time finding the ticket.  Its a circus.  Unacceptable for the prices CC charges.  This has happend 3 times now and client is looking to migrate away from CC.  

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Hi @KelleyS44 thanks for sharing your feedback on our Campaign Process! How would you expect to copy campaigns on your own? Would you want to copy full campaigns, specific blocks or content? Having the ability to copy campaigns directly within a user's account is a great feature request we are opening up so other users can weigh in as well.


Our current Campaign Copy Process does come at a one time-charge per copy request. Users are also contacted within 4 business days of their request in an effort to ensure our team is not overloaded with requests. With that said I have taken a look at your campaign copy request and can see the work-order has been received and it is currently in process.


One time charge? Then we are owed a refund of at least 5 campaigns.  CC has been charging us $49 per campaign move and we have done at least 6 if not more in the last 2 years.   We have asked for this feature for no less than 4 years.  Copying campaigns within a users account is already there, its called duplicate or copy.     We are needing to transfer one campaign to another CC account rather than having to reach out to your team, expend more time and additional costs.  Either way CC will benefit as your company will still generate that revenue from the other users account. Not so sure why this is such a difficult request.       


Your comment "Users are also contacted within 4 business days of their request in an effort to ensure our team is not overloaded with requests" makes no sense whatsoever.  Sounds like

CC needs to get more help. If the US postal service told me it "held my mail in order not to ensure their teams are overloaded with mail" how would that fly.


As far as users being contacted within 4 days of their request, this has not been the case for our last 3 requests.    When I spoke to your rep each of these 3 times and placed the order that day, I would consider that receipt of a work order.  The last 3 times, CC has taken my "order" waited anywhere from a week or more to THEN send out the "Please confirm this work order and sign", which from this approval THEN takes up to 4 days.  When I ok it on the phone, I have even asked the last 2 times, "Is there anything else I need to do to ensure this order will move ahead". Both times, this has not been the case as we still get the work order approval and signature request.  I suggest at minimum having the work order approved via client at time of order vs sandbagging orders, then claiming that it only takes 4 days (when in reality at least a week has passed)

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WE just switched from a Gmail account to a verified business account. It took a few weeks to figure it all out between lots of phone calls with CC. We were also told we could have a main campaign moved over. After another hour on the phone with support we were told it would cost $49. Of course I said no. I went into the old account to retrieve the campaign and am unable to get in. We lost several hours trying to figure this out and received a ton of mis information from the staff. It's very frustrating.