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When can we expect more access to Google Fonts? has added more Google Fonts to their font library, and it would be great to have more fonts available, since Google Fonts have made "web safe fonts" a thing of the past.



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I agree. I would like to not rely on images, as some email clients don't natively open images. 


I'm shocked that Google fonts aren't an option in designing email campaigns. One of the reasons we rebranded using Google fonts (Raleway, in particular) was because they are so accessible now. And then I started working in CC only to be disappointed with a real lack of fonts to choose from. 
Now that I know MailChimp does use Google Fonts, I am looking into a possible change. Fonts are very important for brand recognition!


As long as we are talking about actual typography (versus simply readable text), let me put in a word for using smart quotes, apostrophes versus foot-marks, long dashes where appropriate, etc. Every time I code one of these into CC, it defaults to the (inaccurate) norm. Good typography pre-dates computers by centuries, and my company doesn't want to be seen as clunky, inelegant or unsophisticated.

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Access to Google fonts or Typekit fonts would be an enormous step forward for CC.


Yes, please! Fonts are so important to keeping a consistent brand. Right now I've been creating images in Canva, and uploading them to CC. I've love to cut down the time it takes to create emails by being able to create all of the components in one space. 

Yes please!!!


Yes!! This is a feature we desperately need to modernize the look of our emails and keep them consistent with our new branding. Although switching to another email service would be a hassle, their support for Google Fonts is really making us consider the possibility. 




This is still one of the most frustrating design omissions in CC. Other services have provided this for a long time, and it's so important for distinguishing our brand that we are considering changing to a more functional alternative.


Can you add custom fonts through your HTML?


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Yes, what are we, back in 2000? We don't have to be stuck in the past with other email editors, why with CC? Please prioritize this and add it SOON! (Perhaps before 2019???)


I am finding my hands tied in CC while trying to update the look of my emails.   The fonts available are from 5 years ago, and the design templates are laughably outdated.  Please at least allow me to use Google Fonts, which are everywhere today!

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I was looking to use Google fonts in a CC campaign and thought it would be as simple as doing a search for the process in the community. I had no idea that it was NOT a thing. Bad CC, bad CC! Please catch up with the times!


To my fellow commenters: if you care enough to comment, please care enough to vote (up at the top) and hopefully CC will get the message and implement Google fonts.


Any updates on this? I really would love for access to Google Fonts besides having to implement on this our own via HTML.

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I'm adding my voice to the crowd voting for adding Google Fonts to the typeface options!

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I too, am surprised that CC does not integrate with Google Fonts. I have looked at other providers and they have added that feature.  CC needs to keep up!

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It's time for CC to integrate Google Fonts and HTML coding into the newest iteration of the editor.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hello all. We introduced a number of web-safe Google fonts into the editor and will now be closing this idea. Thank you for your feedback!


It's time for CC to integrate Google Fonts and HTML coding into the newest iteration of the editor.

I second this...

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