Add Eyedropper to color selector

Please add an eyedropper feature to the color selector function.  Your color selector does not always pick up the colors being used in the document I am working on, for some odd reason, so it would be very helpful to have an eyedropper to use.  Currently, I have to use a third party program called ColorCop which works great, but it just adds another step and a handful more clicks, making it a cumbersome process.  Constant contact has been around so long that  you would have thought by now this functionality would be available, but it is not.

Thanks in advance.

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There are times when i use one of our brochures as an image to send clients and would love to be able to choose a color from my brochure to incorporate into the design build of the email I send.

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I wish there was a color picker built in.
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If you would like this feature, please click "VOTE" above so that the CC staff will consider it. Thanks!

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PLEASE give us an option to select a color using an eyedropper!! I like the changes but this option still is not available and is most definitely needed. Thank you,
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Hi @Marisa_M where in your account would you like to see the option to select a color with an eyedropper?

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Hi Frankie,

I would like to see this anywhere you can change a color in the Campaign email editor.  So that would be text, background colors, etc. Anywhere that nice little color chart pops up, there should be an eyedropper option.


Thank you!


Could you insert a color picker eye dropper in the email marketing color options?  When I bring in my own graphics I could like to be able to quickly use the same colors in other parts of my email.


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