Add Google My Business to the Social Media Block

It would be nice to add Google my business link to social account. First thing people notice how we post on Google than anything else. Google has algorithm to have show up in search. So I feel we are lacking one of the biggest tools and have to post manually there.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for the idea @KuljeetN. I'll open this up for voting. 


It is sort of ridiculous this isn't included. The help article to connecting Google my business indicates going to the Website and Stores tab and that there is a google my business option. But there isn't. It's gone. This is the most important social feature for a small business and I may cancel without it




Are there any plans to add Google My Business as a network within the Social under Build? (Please see attachments)


I know there is a way to link Google My Business under the Websites & Stores section, but I think it would be valuable to have the option to link under the social field. Appreciate your help!



Social - link to campaign.PNGGMB - add network.PNG


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I would really appreciate this feature as well. It is very important for SEO to be posting on the google business page. 

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It would be great to have GMB added to the social media platform as an option.
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