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Add Lists and Time on Scheduled and Sent emails in My Campaigns view

Add Lists and Time on Scheduled and Sent emails in My Campaigns view

It would be great if you could add on the My Campaigns view what lists each campaign is being or has been sent to as well as the time the campaign is scheduled to go out (or went out).

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Hey @AngieW, thanks for sharing this idea! I've seen some users who have sent to quite a few lists (10+) and I'm wondering how those would be best displayed on the campaigns page. In cases where we run out of space to display all of the lists, would you expect it to just truncate them or would you prefer it drop down to a new line and continue listing them out? 



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Drop down to a new line would be great so that all can be seen, but if that's not possible maybe just a link to See all that leads to the campaign's summary page? We don't tend to send to that many lists but obviously the former option would be more helpful for people who do.




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Y'all (CC) have a LOT of wasted space on the campaigns page. White space is nice, but it is not at all necessary to use that much space. Surely it can be tightened up, and then there is room at least for the scheduled time, which is something we've been asking to have for a number of years.