Adding/Editing Links within Text

Evidently on a recent update to this feature, the previous option to "test" the link was removed.  This is a big problem for me as I often change the link address and need to test just to make sure.  It looks like the new feature is a good one......just PLEASE add back the "test link" feature.  Thanks!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for posting this. We did remove the link to clean up the link overlay a bit but I can understand how you would like this back. Please continue to vote so we can keep pushing for things like this to be implemented!

Please bring this back!!


In your old version, you were able to test a link to the website in the link box.  Please bring that back!

After I've linked a section of text to a URL, in order to verify that the link takes me where i want it to, I must save the message I'm creating, open the Preview, and click the link to see where it points. If it doesn't do what I want, I must close the Preview, re-open the edit mode in the message I'm creating, and fix the link. In order to verify that I fixed it, I have to repeat all of the above. Somewhat cumbersome! Can it be made easier? Other programs I work in allow me to test a link directly from the creation window, before I approve it. Could that feature be added to Constant Contact?
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HI The new format has eliminated the way to add a link to your website where they can click to register for your event. Now it is not there any more or you need to pay extra, why is that? It leaves your email campaine incomplete

If you hold down the Ctrl button while you click the link in the editor, it should open the link in a new tab.

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