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Adding Tables to 3rd Generation

Adding Tables to 3rd Generation

We had a thread about adding tables to third generation emails but a moderator closed it saying now that we can use 5 columns that should solve the problem.


Guess what, it does not come close to solving the problem. There is no way to line up text except tables. adding columns does not work because the columns will not always display side by side.

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I just keep copying old campaigns and editing them.


I tried using screen shots but my tables can run several pages. I wasn't sure how to do a screen shot of a 100 line table and then have it readable. I still want tables in 3rd generation.

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Really need the tables feature. This is not good. Please restore ASAP. 

Tables are best for calendar info! Please restore functionality!


Yesssss, please add the ability to create tables again!


Any updates on an ETA for tables? My org really can't update to a new templates without them. I can't quite figure out a workaround to make it work for a section of our newsletter. Thanks! 

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Hey @BONNIER52, thanks for your feedback. In our newest editor, we have a block that offers up to 5 side by side text or image blocks. This allows users to create a table-like block, however, we're looking to hear how we can make this block better. What content are you trying to add into your campaign that requires a table? 


The reason we don't have an actual table block is due to tables breaking the mobile responsive design of the template and with over 50% of users opening their emails on a mobile device, it's very important that we create solutions that work for both mobile and desktop viewers. Knowing how you use tables will allow us to look into ways we can make our editor even more useful. 



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Tables are critical.  They allow you to control formatting of large amounts of information in a small space which is incredibly important for email communication. I spoke with a support person on the phone today and he said they took tables out because people complained that the tables didn't look right sometimes.  That is like cutting off your leg because your ankle is bothering you.  JPGs are an awful solution.  That requires users to download images which many people don't want to do.



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I agree - something needs to be done so we can align text within sections and it still be mobile friendly. I don't know the answer to how to do this, but I used to use tables. We have a calendar of dates included in our church newsletter that is impossible to format nicely now.

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Hi there,

I am putting together my monthly calendar email and was just wondering if there's been any movement on this issue to have tables re-added to the CC editor?  I send out a calendar every month and the ONLY way to format it is using a table. It would really help to get this re-added to the interface.  Right now I have to keep copying from old emails using the old editor which is yucky. PLEASE prioritize this.

Thank you!


Please include Table feature and allow HTML code

Looking to move my 10 clients to a different email provider because of this continued issue of not having tables. 

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We would really appreciate having table functions back, please! 


I used tables in the 2G version and really miss it in the 3GE templates.  This creates an issue for me as I used them all the time. Please add the table back into the 3GE templates!!

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bring tables back into Gen3 PLEASE!


Not having tables is causing a lot more work for us. Please bring back this functionality. Omitting this functionality is the sort of thing that forces us to look at, and possibly switch to, another provider.

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Not inserting tables is probably a deal breaker for us after many years with CC.  Also, we can't copy and past HTML anymore.  This editing version has dumbed down way too much.


Bring back tables. Let US decide whether they look okay in mobile format.

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Please bring back the table feature. 

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I understand taking away table functionality for design - but what about some kind of calendar block? Not having tables to create the calendar or a way to drop in code to build the calendar is a real problem for us. We use the classic editor, but only because we need the calendar functionality. We want to use the new system but can't live without having a way to display our weekly events in calendar format.