Adding Tables to 3rd Generation

We had a thread about adding tables to third generation emails but a moderator closed it saying now that we can use 5 columns that should solve the problem.


Guess what, it does not come close to solving the problem. There is no way to line up text except tables. adding columns does not work because the columns will not always display side by side.

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Hey @BONNIER52, thanks for your feedback. In our newest editor, we have a block that offers up to 5 side by side text or image blocks. This allows users to create a table-like block, however, we're looking to hear how we can make this block better. What content are you trying to add into your campaign that requires a table? 


The reason we don't have an actual table block is due to tables breaking the mobile responsive design of the template and with over 50% of users opening their emails on a mobile device, it's very important that we create solutions that work for both mobile and desktop viewers. Knowing how you use tables will allow us to look into ways we can make our editor even more useful. 




Tables are vital for communicating a lot of information. The image substitute doesn't cut it, and using columns doesn't translate when viewing in mobile. Tables really are necessary.


We need tables! Make Constant Contact GREAT AGAIN!

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It's 2020, and still no capability to make tables.




Please put tables back in as an option in the new formats. Also, vertical dividers would be great too.


Please add tables

Need the ability to transfer a table from an excel into a campaign email document
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I must say the fact that you can't use even basic tables in the email template sucks.  Using side-by-side columns is NOT a solution since they don't always line up.  And having to create a table elsewhere and insert an image of it is so backwards.  Very cumbersome and time-consuming, particularly if you end up making changes to the table, then you have go through the process all over again.  Such basic functionality too.  Maddening.  Previous versions of CC templates allowed templates.  Why are we going backwards???


Not sure if I already posted this here...


Need for clickable table of contents

I desperately need to be able to have a clickable table of contents in the newsletter I have been sending out for more than 10 years. My newsletter contains 30 or so articles that for ease of navigation require a table of contents that the reader can easily use for navigation. Nothing remotely complicated about anything else is a purely text newsletter


The 3rd generation editor apparently does not permit this. I desperately need it. Please find a workable solution. Or permit use of "old" 2nd generation templates.


I would also say that people reading my newsletter on mobile devices CAN use the newsletter. And the newsletter gets thru to gmail and other accounts, contrary to Constant Contacts claim that newsletters with anchor links are rejected.


Same for me.  Suddently (without notice) deleting functionality is not OK.  I'm not sure for whom the "new system" was designed, but it wasn't for the frequent users.


With further research I see that this problem that I only discovered a couple weeks ago has been raised with Constant Contact a number of times. With no solution forthcoming. I can't believe that a clickable Table of Contents is not in high demand. Its absence destroys the utility of my newsletter (Johnson's Russia List) that I have sent out thru Constant Contact to thousands of recipients for more than 10 years. At this point I may try to switch to Mailchimp or some other service. Why can't CC just let "old timers" keep using the old ways if we insist. Let the "improvements" go for those who don't mind the change. I just need to be able to continue to "copy" my old template.


Just disconnected with support and share the same frustrations as the users here for the past few years.  "Your input is important.....yada yada" - and this thread started in 2018.  


While I understand Constant Contacts opposition to tables, yes, some of us do still need them.  And no, a screenshot of the table does not work for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it's simply a long table, or more often for me, different fields have LINKS in them.  That users need to click, to access different areas of compliance.  


Whether CC likes tables or not, we - the users - do still RELY on them for our emails.  At the very least add back in an option for HTML snippets and let us do it that way!  



I Have Been With Constant Contact From The Beginning.

I Think It Is So sad That The Powers That Be Have Decided To Implement A New email Builder That is Less Functional Than The Previous Version, And Then Force Us To Upgrade To A System That Does Not Address Our Needs.

I Can No Longer Utilize Tables In The New Builder. This Forces Me Re Construct My entire approach To My marketing Strategy.

I Can No Longer embed A Copy Of My Weekly Newsletter into My Websites. This Cripples My Growth and reduces My sale and Click Through rate..

Pitiful Just Pitiful......

I Guess Losing My Business doesn't Matter


The only useful ones for creating a newsletter are: Text Image Buttons Dividers Spacers  , the rest are not building blocks.  With HTML I do not need layouts and can create tables..  Even in Wordpress I occasionally resort to HTML do create presentations.  Without tables I cannot group images the way I want.  integrates with Woocommerce on Wordpress and I can show a product with drag and drop.

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I use the tables as a convenient way of organizing 2x2 image squares with no spaces between the images.  This function has been completely lost in third-generation editor.  All options for adding images creates a space between the images, which is very problematic for how I display products.

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I think I'm echoing a lot of people here, but the new editor is sorely inadequate. I'm sure I'm probably just scratching the surface, but, NO html editing, NO ability to indent, NO ability to insert tables, NO ability to copy those and other formatting from another source. Also, since I could not figure out a way to include a table, I tried blank spaces... they disappeared in the final product. Thanks for that.


A note on Contacts too, I could not find the ability to send a 'resubscribe' message to contacts who mistakenly unsubscribed. Is that gone too?


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Strongly agree! For every 1 person who complains I am sure there are hundreds more who agree but just dont take the time to speak up.


New versions are suppose to be improvements, not stripped down from what customers are use to. 


I am taking notice at how Constant Contact addresses these issues, while looking to transition to another service by end of year if those things you mentioned are not addressed. What a horrible way to do a transition, you would think by now there are enough examples of companies who do these updates the wrong way to learn from, SMH! 


There are things your new editor will not do.  I cannot recreate the newsletter without tables or HTML.  The old editor had a nice visual table creation tool.  Your new editor does not nor can I use HTML to create tables or custom presentation.  I cannot duplicate the newsletter in the new editor.  We have switched to and successfully recreated the newsletter with advanced features at much lower cost.


You are going to lose more of your users because of this dumb decision.  The old editor is still active and I can use it to edit saved drafts so you only need to re-activate the copy function.

Your new editor is not a step forward but instead a step backward.



It would be very helpful for us to be able to add a table to our emails. We send a lot of date oriented things and lists that would look better in a table. We have tried using two columns, but when viewed on a mobile device, the columns are not side by side - they are vertical, which totally defeats the purpose of using them. We would love to see a table building block!


We need the ability in the new template to add excel spreadsheets directly into the body. Not with a link, not with a screenshot.


I would like to see a Calendar format module to be able to add into my marketing emails for classes.  Do you have something like that?

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