Adding Tables to 3rd Generation

We had a thread about adding tables to third generation emails but a moderator closed it saying now that we can use 5 columns that should solve the problem.


Guess what, it does not come close to solving the problem. There is no way to line up text except tables. adding columns does not work because the columns will not always display side by side.

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Hey @BONNIER52, thanks for your feedback. In our newest editor, we have a block that offers up to 5 side by side text or image blocks. This allows users to create a table-like block, however, we're looking to hear how we can make this block better. What content are you trying to add into your campaign that requires a table? 


The reason we don't have an actual table block is due to tables breaking the mobile responsive design of the template and with over 50% of users opening their emails on a mobile device, it's very important that we create solutions that work for both mobile and desktop viewers. Knowing how you use tables will allow us to look into ways we can make our editor even more useful. 




in the past we have imported tables (excell/word) into our emails.

your "new" editor does not allow for this.

this was a VERY important feature we used in creating our emails.

the two previous editors both allowed for the importation of information.

Why would you provide a new editor that does not provide the same features as the ones you are replacing?


Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @PJsQuilt does our current RSVP block help fit these needs? If not what capabilities are you looking for to market your classes?


Reply from @PJsQuilt 

@PJsQuilt wrote:

I would like to see a Calendar format module to be able to add into my marketing emails for classes.  Do you have something like that?

While we do not have a calendar template, a table might be the closest option. The request to create a table is under review so I will move this idea to the appropriate thread.

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