Adding borders to templates that don't have them.

Please allow this. I can't add a border to a template that we are using for an almost finished email. After trying to make it happen for a while I gave up and tried a template that does have a border only to find that I can't use the functionality that your newer templates have. Why? I also need to have a forward this email button and I can't with the border template. Pls help.
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Hello @SamuelY,


Thank you for this feedback. To clarify, are you referring to our two different editors that we have? Our newest editor is the Third Generation Editor and we also have an older Second Generation Editor. This article will explain the main functionality differences between them and how to use each one for what you need:

The Forward to a Friend option is not yet available for the Third Generation Editor, however we are tracking this feedback and I've passed yours along.

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Since we haven't heard anything back yet we are marking this as closed.

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