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Thank you for all the work on this. We're *almost*, but not fully there yet. The issue I'm having with the new frames is that the minimum width is 25. Why is this not changeable? 25 is a very thick border and, again, the image looks clunky and unprofessional. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong so I can get the classic, thin keyline that we've all been wanting and waiting for. Thank you.

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I agree.  We appreciate your work on this, but this black frame is too thick.  It makes the image appear cartoonish.  When the image is of a television celebrity that is headlining your conference, you do not want to portray them as a cartoon. We need a think black frame also.  Thanks.

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Re: image frame

Hello Constant Contact! Can we get an update on this please and thank you? We're still in the same place we were a year ago; the frames are no longer usable because they are so ugly.


Hi @LawFoundation. We do not have any updates to share at this moment but if we do receive any, we'll reply here. 

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Hello CC. This simple request is not only going into another year but a new decade now (Happy 2020!) ; 0 

Can we please get an update on the status of this? It seems that your vendor simply needs to remove the minimum size for the frames. No? Thank you.


I would like to add borders to images... that are 1 pt (or smaller).  An 18 pt border looks awful and is very useless.

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Hello Constant Contact. PLEASE can we have the frames adjusted to remove any minimum size? Right now the frames are ugly and unusable because of the thickness -- many customers agree! It's over 2 years of requests for what should be a simple, straightforward update? Can you please tell us what the barrier is for you to make this change?

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