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Adjustable Padding

Adjustable Padding

Everything seems to have a different left/right padding to it. I would like the option to remove padding from all items (ideally ability to adjust l,t,r,b padding on all objects). Especially in the new editor this is tedious and an image can span the entire 600px width, but a text box cannot.

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Thanks for posting this @NicoleM504! Do you imagine this would be on the left panel as an overall control for the entire email? How would you handle a situation where you wanted different padding in different blocks?




I would prefer to be able to control the padding for each individual item, similar to how Robly handles their layout design. It gives me more control over how images line up with the text around them and avoids awkward empty space.

Even doing increments of 5 would be fine. Robly would go from minimum 0 padding to maximum of 30, and I could control how much the top, bottom, left and right sides of an image or text block were padded.


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I'd just like to add a specific request for adjustable padding on Read More blocks. As you can see in the attached screen shot below, it is impossible for us to achieve uniform margins because the padding on Read More content (indicated by the red line) and the padding on Text block content (indicated by the green line) is different and cannot be changed. padding.png


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Just go to Advanced Editor and change the padding code yourself! You have total control of it that way. Simple!