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Everything seems to have a different left/right padding to it. I would like the option to remove padding from all items (ideally ability to adjust l,t,r,b padding on all objects). Especially in the new editor this is tedious and an image can span the entire 600px width, but a text box cannot.

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I am not confident that it will help, as I am still part of other 3+ year old threads that have not been resolved but just abandoned because of your voting process, but I am still adding my voice to the complaints about the inability to adjust padding/height. For example, today I discovered that in order to get something to look the way I want it to look horizontally, I have to separate the text into a text box and then two column boxes, and doing that with no option to adjust the vertical spacing makes it look terrible with the extra space between each content block when it is all part of one article/newsletter section. I agree with Baldwin that it's fine to have defaults that you start out with, but as the creator of the content, I should have control to design something how I want it to look. With the example above, I am going to have to spend extra time tomorrow before I finish creating the email to either look into a new option from your content blocks or do extra work in advance to make an image to display here, which is ridiculous since the article is 100% text. 

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I have the same concerns about whether it will make any difference, having been following these threads for a long time, but definitely agree on this point. Even if, for whatever reason, you find it necessary to limit the padding options (even numbers, or whatever), the ugly large spaces we are forced to accept between columns or blocks within elements make for a product no one would want to read. I always hear the CC people saying things like "We made those changes so your emails can look good in mobile devices" but some of us need them to look good on both mobile AND desktop devices. If you really want to offer responsive templates, you should let us give some specifications--say xx padding for mobile readers and xx for desktop. Also for image sizing, instead of enlarging an image to the full width of the devide it's being viewed on, let us constrain the image to a certain size when viewed on mobile. I know I've mixed another issue in here, but it's all part of this nonsense about how CC is designing templates to look good in mobile without consideration for the concerns your customers are trying to address.


In the old editor I could adjust the amount of space around images, text blocks etc. Now there is little to no adjustment available to me and it's very frustrating. Images can only be a certain size, text takes up more space than necessary using the fonts and sizes of my choice. 


This is an issue I discussed over a year ago with a customer service rep. It must surely be an issue many of us find frustrating. Will it ever improve???




@Assist-Deb we apologize this feature isn't available. Being able to adjust the padding on the blocks in an email campaign is a feature request we are still in the process of collecting feedback on. Because of this we have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this feature request. While we don't have a time estimate of when it will be available, we will reach back out to this thread with any further updates.

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