Advanced Editing Options: Like the option to put in your own font size.

I miss the advanced HTML options from previous versions. I didn't use it often, but it helped me to change up the font sizes and tighten the email up sometimes. I wish we had the option to choose advanced or not, maybe put us through some kind of testing to see if we actually know what we are doing or not. haha.

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This is pretty much a deal breaker for me switching over to the "new improved" editor. You never know when you are going to need to tweak the code.

Is there any way to edit the HTML inside an email?


It looks like there used to be "Advanced Editor" which I don't see anywhere.


I wanted to link the phone number to tel:5552121212 so it would dial when clicked on when viewing on a phone, but the linking options are limited. I also want to tighten up the line-height for certain elements. 


Am I crazy? How come I don't see any HTML editing option? 

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you're not missing anything. They took it away. If your account still gives you access to the 2nd generation editor you can use that, but there are a lot of features in the 3rd gen you won't have access to. Just depends what's most important to you.


My experience is that the phone operating systems will link the phone number anyway (whether you want them to or not), so you may not need to worry about that aspect of it. (Also dates, and words like "today.")


This has been under discussion by many of us Constant Contact customers pretty much since Day 1 of the new editor. It seems pretty clear they are not going to restore the html access feature. And you really need it, especially since CC has not fixed the various glitches like randomly changing background color of text blocks in an email. With html access, you could go in there and fix it, rather than trying to trick the interface into doing what it's supposed to do.

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