Allow import of the campaign email merge fields or the entire html

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We use the same campaign email template for all our emails and we have to manually edit the template details for each campaign to adjust certain fields like course description, date, course number, etc.  These edits can be tedious and sometimes operator error prone.


What if we could instead define merge field names and then upload a data file that merged or pasted in the values with one click?  Or what if instead the email edit allowed the import of the entire html body?  Then we could more reliably produce the html email body with a merge export from our database and just cut and paste the entire email into your system.

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Or perhaps I can already do this by simply pasting all my test into one text field on the email body, however this will miss my various format settings per field such as text size and bold.  Also I currently may not be able to paste in HTML in order to paste in URL links.

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Hello @JeffM675. Thank you for providing this feedback, I've opened this for voting.

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We are closing voting on this topic not enough votes to keep it open.

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